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JDBC 42.2.2 Released

The JDBC project is proud to announce the latest version 42.2.2. This release primarily fixes existing bugs including as well as updates documentation, including:

  • Documentation for server-side prepared statements
  • Support for generated keys for WITH queries missing RETURNING
  • Support for generated keys when INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE is followed by a comment
  • Fix incorrect results when a single-statement is used with different bind types
  • allowEncodingChanges should allow "SET client_encoding = ..."

and more.

For more details, please visit the changelog at https://jdbc.postgresql.org/documentation/changelog.html#version_42.2.2

You can download the PostgreSQL JDBC Driver at https://jdbc.postgresql.org/download.html

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Announcing the Release of BDR 1.0.5

2ndQuadrant today announced the release of BDR 1.0.5. BDR is the first open source multi-master replication system for PostgreSQL to reach full production status. This release includes the updated PostgreSQL server version to support the Postgres-BDR 9.4.17 extension, containing all of the fixes from the PostgreSQL 9.4.17 release.

The fixes and improvements included in this release are:

  • Work around a core postgres reorderbuffer corruption bug with a change in the BDR output plugin.
  • Ignore column-count mismatches if the mismatched columns are all nullable or dropped. This makes recovery from some kinds of operator errors simpler, and with sufficient care can be used to bypass DDL locking for adding new nullable columns to tables.
  • Fix possible deadlock in the apply worker in the find_pkey_tuple() function
  • Stricter memory context handling and leak prevention during apply. In particular be careful not to fall back to TopMemoryContext. This may help some possible memory leak issues.
  • Reset the apply worker memory context on every commit, not just when all messages have been consumed. May help with some possible memory leak issues.
  • Skip BDR 1.0.4 and bump the version straight to 1.0.5 to match BDR2.

Download and installation instructions are available here.

2ndQuadrant (Developers of Postgres-BDR) provides support as well as consultation and training for Postgres-BDR. With deep knowledge of distributed databases in PostgreSQL, 2ndQuadrant will evaluate individual use cases and determine the most suitable product or solution.

Postgres-BDR is also available and supported by 2ndQuadrant in the Cloud.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected]

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PostgreSQL 10.3, 9.6.8, 9.5.12, 9.4.17, and 9.3.22 released!

2018-03-01 Security Update Release

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has released an update to all supported versions of the PostgreSQL database system, including 10.3, 9.6.8, 9.5.12, 9.4.17, and 9.3.22.

The purpose of this release is to address CVE-2018-1058, which describes how a user can create like-named objects in different schemas that can change the behavior of other users' queries and cause unexpected or malicious behavior, also known as a "trojan-horse" attack. Most of this release centers around added documentation that describes the issue and how to take steps to mitigate the impact on PostgreSQL databases.

We strongly encourage all of our users to please visit A Guide to CVE-2018-1058: Protect Your Search Path for a detailed explanation of CVE-2018-1058 and how to protect your PostgreSQL installations.

After evaluating the documentation for CVE-2018-1058, a database administrator may need to take follow up steps on their PostgreSQL installations to ensure they are protected from exploitation.

Security Issues

One security vulnerability is addressed in this release:

  • CVE-2018-1058: Uncontrolled search path element in pg_dump and other client applications

Please visit A Guide to CVE-2018-1058: Protect Your Search Path for a full explanation of the CVE-2018-1058.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This update fixes several bugs reported since the last cumulative update. Some of these issues affect only version 10, but many affect all supported versions. These fixes include:

  • Prevent logical replication from trying to replicate changes for unpublishable relations, such as materialized views and the "information_schema" tables
  • Fix for a common table expression (WITH clause) returning correct results when being referenced in a subplan where there are concurrent-update rechecks
  • Fix for an unexpected query planner error in certain cases where there are overlapping merge join clauses in an OUTER JOIN.
  • Fix for potential data corruption with materialized views after running pg_upgrade. If receiving errors such as "could not access status of transaction" or "found xmin from before relfrozenxid" on materialized views, please use "REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW" without "CONCURRENTLY" to fix.
  • Several fix for pg_dump, including a fix to help with the future work of cross-table statistics
  • Fix for reporting a PL/Python stack trace relative to inner PL/Python functions
  • Allow contrib/auto_explain to range up to INT_MAX, which is about 24 days
  • Mark assorted configuration variables as PGDLLIMPORT, to ease porting extension modules to Windows

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group would like to thank Arseniy Sharoglazov for reporting CVE-2018-1058 to the security team.


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dbMigration .NET v7.6 released

dbMigration .NET v7.6 is a simple, easy and intuitive multiple database migration and sync tool, With it you can easily migrate schema and data to PostgreSQL and vice versa without complicated procedures.

Free, All-In-One, Portable, Single executable file and Multi-language.

Major New features and improvements from version 6.6 to 7.6:

  • Startup, Data migration and Data synchronization performance improvements
  • Added Connection List
  • Added changing global table and column case
  • Added Sync settings: Skip New, Updated and Deleted Rows
  • Added Bulk Copy Mode for SQL Server/SQL Azure/IBM DB2/Informix and NuoDB
  • Improved Automatically generate foreign keys
  • Improved Migrating data with a SQL statement
  • Improved Data Synchronization
  • Improved Automatic Mapping Types
  • Improved Custom Mapping Types
  • Improved Command-Line
  • ...and more
The new version is immediately available for download.

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Announcing The Release Of repmgr 4.0.3

Oxford, United Kingdom - February 15, 2018

2ndQuadrant announces the release of repmgr 4.0.3. repmgr is the most popular tool for PostgreSQL replication and failover management. It enhances and complements PostgreSQL's built-in replication capabilities, making it easy to set up and manage standby servers, check replication status, and perform administrative tasks such as switchover operations. The repmgrd daemon provides automatic failover capability to maximize database uptime and can easily be integrated with other tools such as PgBouncer for high application availability.

repmgr 4.0.3 includes the following usability enhancements related to logging/diagnostics, event notifications, and pre-action checks:

  • Improve repmgr standby switchover behavior when pg_ctl is used to control the server and logging output is not explicitly redirected.
  • Improve repmgr standby switchover log messages and provide new exit code ERR_SWITCHOVER_INCOMPLETE when old primary could not be shut down cleanly.
  • Add check to verify the demotion candidate can make a replication connection to the promotion candidate before executing a switchover.
  • Add check for sufficient walsenders and replication slots on the promotion candidate before executing repmgr standby switchover.
  • Add --dry-run mode to repmgr standby follow.
  • Provide information about the primary node for repmgr standby register and repmgr standby follow event notifications.
  • Add standby_register_sync event notification, which is fired when repmgr standby register is run with the --wait-sync option and the new or updated standby node record has synchronized to the standby.
  • When running repmgr cluster show, if any node is unreachable, output the error message encountered in the list of warnings

This release contains the following bug fixes:

  • Ensure an inactive data directory can be overwritten when cloning a standby.
  • repmgr node status upstream node display fixed.
  • repmgr primary unregister clarify usage and fix --help output.
  • Parsing of pg_basebackup_options fixed.
  • Ensure the pg_subtrans directory is created when cloning a standby in Barman mode
  • repmgr witness register fix primary node check.

For a detailed list of all fixed bugs, please read the full release notes here.

We highly recommend upgrading to repmgr 4.0.3 at the earliest opportunity available. For this release, a simple package upgrade and restart of repmgrd (if running) is required.

Download is available here and installation instructions are available here.

repmgr is developed and maintained by 2ndQuadrant - your diligent team of PostgreSQL experts.

repmgr is distributed under GPL v3.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected]

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